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Bernard service septique, environment, septic pumping, septic tank cleaning, septic tank, Sainte-Julienne, Lanaudière.

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Diagram of a septic tank
Bernard Service Septique
A : Septic tank covers
B : Input from the house
C : Output to the drainfield
D : Deflectors
E : Surface Foam
F : Bottom sludge
G : Prefilter
Bernard Service Septique
Law on septic tanks
The owner or user of a septic tanks is required to ensure its maintenance. He must ensure that any part of the defective system must be replaced.

Under the regulation on the disposal and treatment of sewage Q-2, R.8 (article 13), any permanent owner is required to drain the septic tank every 2 years and every 4 years for seasonal owners.
Bernard Service Septique

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Bernard Service Septique

Bernard service septique, Tank diagram, septic pumping, Sainte-Julienne, Lanaudière, septic tank cleaning, septic tank.

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Bernard service septique
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Bernard Service Septique
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